property Column.Filter as String
Specifies the column's filter when the filter type is exFilter,  exPattern, exDate, exNumeric, exCheck or exImage.

   String A string expression that specifies the column's filter.  

The Filter property has no effect if the FilterType property is one of the followings: exAll, exBlanks and exNonBlanks

The ApplyFilter method should be called to update the control's content after changing the Filter or FilterType property. The ClearFilter method clears the Filter and the FilterType properties. Use the FilterInclude property to specify whether the child items should be included to the list when the user applies the filter. Use the FilterCriteria property to filter items using the AND, OR and NOT operators. Use the CustomFilter property to define you custom filters. Use the ShowFilter method to show programmatically the column's drop down filter window.

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