property Items.Link(LinkKey as Variant, Property as LinkPropertyEnum) as Variant
Gets or sets a property for a link.

   LinkKey as Variant A String expression that indicates the key of the link being accessed.  
   Property as LinkPropertyEnum A LinkPropertyEnum expression that specifies the option being accessed.  
   Variant A Variant value that indicates the newly value for the property.  
Use the Link property to access different properties for a specified link. Use the AddLink method to add a new link between two bars. For instance, the Link(exLinkShowDir) property indicates whether the arrow of the link that specifies the direction, is shown or hidden. Use the RemoveLink method to remove a specific link. Use the FirstLink and NextLink properties to enumerate the links in the control. Use the BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods to maintain performance while adding columns, items, bars or links. Use the HTMLPicture property to add custom size pictures. Use the LinkFromPoint property to get the key of the link from the cursor.

The /NET Assembly version defines get/set shortcut properties as follow ( they start with get_ or set_ keywords ):

So instead using the get_Link or set_Link properties you can use these functions. 

The following VB sample displays a text plus a picture on a link:

Gantt1.Items.Link("Link", exLinkText) = " <img>excel</img><br><br><b>doc.xls"

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