property Gantt.ScrollBars as ScrollBarsEnum
Returns or sets a value that determines whether the control has horizontal and/or vertical scroll bars.

ScrollBarsEnum A ScrollBarsEnum expression that identifies which scroll bars are visible.

Use the ScrollBars property to disable the control's scroll bars. By default, the ScrollBars property is exBoth, so both scroll bars are used if necessarily. For instance, if the ScrollBars property is exNone the control displays no scroll bars. Use the ScrollBySingleLine property on False, if you are displaying items of different heights. Use the ScrollPos property to get the control's scroll position. Use the EnsureVisibleItem method to ensure that an item fits the control's client area. Use the EnsureVisibleColumn method to ensure that a specified column fits the control's client area. Use the Scroll method to scroll programmatically the control. Use the ScrollOrderParts property to customize the order of the buttons in the scroll bar.