property Gantt.Columns as Columns

Retrieves the control's column collection.

   Columns A Columns object that holds the control's columns collection.  

Use the Columns property to access the Columns collection. Use the Columns collection to add, remove or change columns. Use the Add method to add a new column to the control. Use the Items property to access the control's items collection. Use the AddItem, InsertItem, InsertControlItem or PutItems method to add new items to the control. Use the DataSource property to add new columns and items to the control. Adding new items fails if the control has no columns. Use the Chart object to access all properties and methods related to the Gantt chart. Use the AddBar method to add bars to the item. Use the PaneWidth property to specify the width of the chart. Use the LevelCount property to specify the number of levels being displayed in the chart's header. Use the Level property to access the level in the chart area.

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