Exontrol ExG2Host Component

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The ExG2Host is an extension of the ExG2antt ( Exontrol's Grid-Gantt component ) with full database support ( ADO, DAO, XML). In other words, the ExG2Host loads and saves automatically the host's data (including the hierarchy) to one or more databases. You can map a data field from the data-source, to a property of one object in the host/gantt control, and the control automatically updates the field when it is required. In the same manner, you can automatically save the control's layout, so next time the control is running it automatically get displayed the same way as it was closed. By default, the ExG2Host component let you add/remove/edit items, child-items, tasks, links and so on without having to code anything. The ExG2Host component provides all features of the ExG2antt component, it can be used as isolated, so no need for registration of any of the DLLs.

Features of eXG2Host include:


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