property Notes.ClipTo as NotesClipToEnum
Specifies the region of the chart to clip the notes.

   NotesClipToEnum A NotesClipToEnum expression that specifies the chart's Notes limits.  
By default, the ClipTo property is exNotesClipNone, which indicates that no clipping is performed when displaying the notes. For instance, you can clip the notes to the items section (exNotesClipToItems), when smoothing scroll the control's content using the AutoDrag property on exAutoDragScroll or ScrollBySingleLine property on False. The  Add method adds a new note to the chart associated to the bar/task or date. The ShowNotes property indicates whether the chart displays or hides the notes. Use the Visible property to show or hide a specific note, or use the PartVisible property to specify whether the start or ending part of the note is visible or hidden.

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