property Level.DrawTickLines as LevelLineEnum
Specifies whether the tick lines are shown or hidden.

   LevelLineEnum A LevelLineEnum expression that specifies the type of line to divide the time units in the level.  
By default, the DrawTickLines property is exLevelDefaultLine ( dotted line ). The DrawTickLines / DrawTickLinesFrom property always draw the vertically lines in the level, while the DrawLevelSeparator property draws the horizontally lines in the level. Use the DrawTickLinesFrom method to show an alternative tick lines based on the time scale units of the another level. Use the DrawGridLines property to specify whether the control draws the grid lines in the chart's area. Use the GridLineColor property to specify the color for grid lines. Use the DrawGridLines property to draw grid lines for a specified level. Use the DrawLevelSeperator property to draw lines between levels inside the chart's header. Use the MarkTodayColor property to specify the color to mark the today date. Use the AdjustLevelsToBase property in case you are using a not-contiguous time scale, so the tick lines are not properly arranged.

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