InsideZooms object
The InsideZooms holds a collection of InsideZoom objects. The InsideZooms property retrieves the chart's collection of units being displayed in a different way, or getting zoomed or magnified. The chart may display this kind of units only if the AllowInsideZoom property is True. The InsideZoomFormat object defines the format of units being zoomed ie background, foreground colors, grid lines, labels, and so on.  The inside zoom feature allows displaying portions of the chart with different time scale units. For instance, you can display the bars on hours, while the chart still displays days. Once the AllowInsideZoom property is True, the user can double clicks the chart's header, so this portion gets magnified. Also, at runtime, the user can resize the time scale units, so the unit gets magnified.

The following chart displays weeks, and the week 26 and 28 gets displayed in a different way:


The InsideZooms object supports the following properties and methods:

  AddAdds a InsideZoom object to the collection and returns a reference to the newly created object. 
  ClearRemoves all objects in a collection. 
  ContainsReturns the InsideZoom object that contains the specified date-time. 
  CountReturns the number of objects in a collection. 
  DefaultWidthSpecifies the default width in pixels for inside zoom units. 
  ItemReturns a specific InsideZoom of the InsideZooms collection. 
  RemoveRemoves a specific member from the InsideZooms collection. 
  SplitBaseLevelGets or sets a value that indicates whether the chart's base level is splitted when inside zoom units are shown.