property G2antt.EditingText as String
Specifies the caption of the editor during editing.

   String A String expression that specifies the caption of the field during editing mode.  
By default, the EditingText property is "". The EditingText property returns the caption being shown on the editor while the control runs in edit mode. The control is in edit mode, if the Editing property returns a not-zero value. The EditingText property has effect only if called during the EditOpen, Change or EditClose event.

The edit events are fired in the following order:

  1. Edit event. Prevents editing cells, before showing the cell's editor.

  2. EditOpen event. The edit operation started, the cell's editor is shown. The Editing property gives the window's handle of the built-in editor being started.

  3. Change event. The Change event is fired only if the user types ENTER key, or the user selects a new value from a predefined data list.

  4. EditClose event. The cell's editor is hidden and closed.


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