property Chart.MaxUnitWidth as Long
Specifies the maximum value for Chart.UnitWidth property while enlarge or zoom-in/zoom-out operation is performed.

Long A long expression that indicates the maximum value in pixels, for the Chart's UnitWidth property when resizing or enlarging the chart is performed.
By default, the MaxUnitWidth property is 36 pixels. The MaxUnitWidth property has effect only if the AllowResizeChart property is not-zero. The MaxUnitWidth property could be negative, in this case, the UnitWidth property has no right margin. The MaxUnitWidth property indicates the maximum value for the UnitWidth property when resizing/enlarging is performed. The MinUnitWidth property indicates the minimum value for the UnitWidth property when resizing/enlarging is performed.  For instance, when zoom-in or zoom-out if the chart's UnitWidth property reaches the MaxUnitWidth property the chart's UnitScale property is changed to prev time-scale available ( AllowResizeChart property includes the exAllowChangeUnitScale ).