property Chart.InsideZoomOnDblClick as Boolean
Gets or sets a value that indicates whether a portion of the chart is magnified or zoomed when the user double click a date.

   Boolean A boolean expression that specifies whether the user can magnify a time unit, by double clicking it in the chart's base level.  
By default, the InsideZoomOnDblClick property is True. The inside zoom units are shown ONLY if the AllowInsideZoom property is True. The inside zoom feature allows displaying portions of the chart with different time scale units. For instance, you can display the bars on hours, while the chart still displays days. Use the CondInsideZoom property to specify the dates that can be magnified by double clicking the chart's base level. Use the DefaultInsideZoomFormat property to specify the format of the dates being magnified. The AllowResizeInsideZoom property specifies whether the user can magnify dates by resizing them in the chart's base level. The InsideZooms property retrieves the collection of inside zoom units.

The following chart displays days:  

The Jun 22, gets magnified ( once it is double clicked ) to hours so it looks like follows ( the first line displays the day, while the second displays the hours, the rest of the chart displays days ):

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