method Chart.GroupUndoRedoActions (Count as Long)
Groups the next to current Undo/Redo Actions in a single block.

   Count as Long A Long expression that specifies the number of entries being grouped in a single block of actions, in the Undo/Redo queue.  
A block may hold multiple Undo/Redo actions. Use the GroupUndoRedoActions method to group two or more entries in the Undo/Redo queue in a single block, so when a next Undo/Redo operation is performed, multiple actions may occur. For instance, moving several bars in the same time ( multiple bars selection ) is already recorded as a single block. Use the UndoRedoQueueLength property to specify the number of entries that Undo/Redo queue may store.

A block starts with StartBlock and ends with EndBlock when listed by UndoListAction/RedoListAction property as in the following sample:


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