property Bar.HistogramCumulativeColor(Index as Long) as Color
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates a cumulative color to be shown in the histogram.

   Index as Long A long expression that specifies the index of the color being requested  
   Color A Color expression that specifies a cumulative color  
A cumulative histogram shows bars that generated the histogram using different colors. The cumulative histogram shows overloads or work-loads as well. The histogram shows cumulative values only if the HistogramCumulativeColors property is greater than 1, the HistogramType property includes the exHistCumulative flag. Use the HistogramCumulativeOriginalColorBars property to specify whether the bars that generated the cumulative histogram change their original colors. The HistogramCumulativeShowLegend property specifies the index of the column to show the legend for the items being displayed in the cumulative histogram.

By default, the HistogramCumulativeColor values are:

  1. RGB(000, 000, 255)
  2. RGB(255, 000, 000)
  3. RGB(000, 255, 000)
  4. RGB(000, 255, 255)
  5. RGB(255, 000, 255)
  6. RGB(255, 255, 000)

Use the HistogramCumulativeColor property to define different colors for your cumulative histogram.

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