Exontrol ExFolderView Component

Copyright 1999-2018 by Exontrol. All Rights Reserved.

Exontrol's new eXFolderView component provides a folder list view which is identical to the left side of your Windows Explorer. Using eXFolderView you can easily present a list of folders to your users. There are a number of properties which can be used to enable special features such as checkboxes, buttons, and lines between folders. eXFolderView can be used in conjunction with Exontrol's eXShellView to create applications which have complete - or limited - explorer capabilities. Also, the eXFolderView provides a complete list of events, giving you complete control over what happens as the user selects and clicks on folders. And eXFolderView provides a Folders collection containing Folder objects which provide useful information such as PathName, ShareName, and DisplayName.

ExFolderView is a trademark of Exontrol.COM Software