property Edit.Enabled as Boolean
Enables or disables the control.

   Boolean A color expression that indicates whether the control is enabled or disabled.  

Use the Enabled property to disable the control. Use the Locked property to lock the control. If the control is disabled the user cannot change the control's content. The scrollbars are disabled. If the control's is disabled the control's caret is hidden too. If the control is disabled, the control's content looks grayed.

The following VB sample disables the control:

Edit1.Enabled = False

The following C++ sample disables the control:

m_edit.SetEnabled( FALSE );

The following VB.NET sample disables the control:

AxEdit1.Enabled = False

The following C# sample disables the control:

axEdit1.Enabled = false;

The following VFP sample disables the control:

with thisform.Edit1.Object
	.Enabled = .f.


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