property Edit.BackColorCaretLine as Color
Returns or sets the background color used to display the cursor line.

   Color A color expression that indicates the background color for the control's header. The last 7 bits in the high significant byte of the color to indicates the identifier of the skin being used. Use the Add method to add new skins to the control. If you need to remove the skin appearance from a part of the control you need to reset the last 7 bits in the high significant byte of the color being applied to the background's part.  

The current line displays a different background color if the BackColorCaretLine property is not 0. By default, the BackColorCaretLine property is 0. If the BackColorCaretLine property is 0 it has no visual effect. Use the BackColorALternate to display alternate lines in the control. Use the BackColor property to specify the control's background color. Use the CaretLine property to specify the line where the caret is.

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