property ExContextMenu.IncrementalSearch as IncrementalSearchEnum
Specifies how the control searches for the objects while user types characters.

IncrementalSearchEnum An IncrementalSearchEnum expression that specifies the type of incremental searching the control performs once the user types characters on the context menu.
"In computing, incremental search, incremental find or real-time suggestions is a user interface interaction method to progressively search for and filter through text. As the user types text, one or more possible matches for the text are found and immediately presented to the user. " By default, the IncrementalSearch property is exISearchStartWith + exISearchFilterFor, in other words, the control filter for items that match the typing characters. Use the IncrementalSearch property on exNoIncrementalSearch to disable/prevent the incremental searching in your context menu. While the incremental search is on, the F3 or Shift + F3, finds the next occurrence or previously occurrence. The Back key deletes the last character of the incremental search string, while the Ctrl + Back key removes the entire incremental search string. If the IncrementalSearch property is exNoIncrementalSearch, you can use the item's Shortcut property to define the key combination that the user can press to select the item quickly.

You can use the IncrementalSearch property:

The following screen shot shows the control with IncrementalSearch property on exISearchStartWith + exISearchFilterFor, while the user types "shi":

he following screen shot shows the control with IncrementalSearch property on exISearchStartWith, while the user types "shi":