property ComboBox.LabelHeight as Long
Retrievs or sets a value that indicates the label's height, in pixels.

   Long A long expression that indicates the control label's height, in pixels.  

The LabelHeight property defines the height of the control's label in pixels. By default, the LabelHeight property is 21 pixels. Use the LabelHeight property to define the height for the control's label. Use the HeaderHeight property to specify the height of the control's header bar. Use the HeigthList and MinHeightList properties to specify at runtime the height and the minimum height of the drop down portion of the control. The control's label area display the control's drop down button. Use the SingleEdit property to specify whether a single or multiple columns are displayed on the control's label area. The LabelColumnIndex property specifies a different column (index) to be displayed on the control's label, while the SingleEdit property is True.

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