property CalendarCombo.FormatDate as FormatDateEnum
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates the format of date displayed.

FormatDateEnum A FormatDateEnum expression that defines the format of the displayed date.

Use the FormatDate to change the format of the displayed date. The "ShortDate" displays date like: 12/31/1971, the "LongDate" displays the date like: "December 31 1971, Friday", and the "UserDate" format allows user to personalize how the date is displayed. Use the FormatUserDate property to specify the custom format when the FormatDate property is UserDate. Use the Caption property to retrieve the caption being displayed in the control's label.

For instance the following sample shows how to display the date like: 31 - 12 - 1971:

CalendarCombo1.FormatDate = UserDate
CalendarCombo1.FormatUserDate = "%d - %m - %y"