method Button.SkinV (State as StateEnum, Skin as Variant)
Specifies the skin file to display the specified state.

State as StateEnum A StateEnum expression that indicates the state skin to be changed.
Skin as Variant A byte[] or safe arrays of VT_I1 or VT_UI1 expression that indicates the content of the EBN file or a string expression that specifies the path to a skin file ( *.ebn ), a string expression that indicates the BASE64 encoded string that holds a skin file ( *.ebn ). Use the Exontrol's exImages tool to build BASE 64 encoded strings on the skin file (*.ebn) you have created. If the File parameter is an empty string the skin is erased, so your button displays only the Image and the Caption of the button without a visual appearance ( skin ). 
The SkinV is similar with Skin method, excepts that it can loads the EBN files from safe arrays or in other words from resources. The button provides multiple states like: normal, pushed, hot, disabled, custom, focused and so on. Each state has an associated skin that's displayed when certain state occurs. The UseTransparency property specifies whether the control supports transparency. The transparent regions in the control's skin indicates the transparency of the button.

There are several options to provide EBN files in your project as follows: